Enable usage-based pricing with a few lines of code

Billing engine for your APIs

Companies of all sizes use NexMeter to efficiently track usage and determine pricing for their customers, ultimately growing revenue.

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Plug-and-play billing engine with your existing billing infrastructure
Modular solutions

Plug-and-play billing engine with your existing billing infrastructure

Use NexMeter to handle all of your pricing needs, manage subscription plan, usage-based and per seat at every stage of your company. Developer first experience.

Out-of-the-box billing engine
Scalable and low-maintenance

Out-of-the-box billing engine

Our billing engine is a game-changer, designed with a developer-first API for engineers and a intuitive interface for business teams. We've got it all covered, so you can focus on scaling your business without sweating the infrastructure.

  • Usage metering
  • Pricing Engine
  • Subscription
  • More to come...
Work with your existing billing system
Why migrate to another billing system if your current one works?
Our billing engine integrates seamlessly with your current billing system such as Stripe, Adyen, Plaid, Salesforce, Paddle, etc. We excel at offering usage-based pricing plans on top of them, scalable to your needs. You won't have to worry about rate limits, accuracy, forecasting, or CPQ. Your customers will benefit from the budgeting feature, giving them a sense of control.
Global Scalability

We know what is important to you

We focus on solving billing issue, so you don't need to.

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We process over 1 billion tracking events each month worldwide. The numbers continue to rise!

0% SLA

Our uptime is 99.999%. We are always online for you!

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More than 98% of our customers believe they made the right choice.

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We support over 134 data centers worldwide. Join us to find the closest one to you!

How it works?
Simplifying Metering and Billing

Connect Your Data to NexMeter

Effortlessly integrate NexMeter by feeding it logs and event streams on a large scale. only one line code is needed. This data becomes the foundation of your pricing strategy, allowing for precise usage metering.

Leverage Our Comprehensive Billing Features

Let us handle the heavy lifting with our advanced billing capabilities. From managing intricate plan changes to handling international pricing effortlessly, we've got you covered.

Craft Your Pricing Strategy

Tailor your perfect pricing model by blending usage-based charges, subscriptions, add-ons, and various billing cycles. Choose what suits your business best with our flexible 'à la carte' options.

Bill Customers and Process Payments Smoothly

NexMeter takes care of invoice generation and payment collection through your preferred processors. Our platform's flexibility means you can easily switch or add payment gateways as your business expands, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Louis Albertini's company logo
We spent 6 months implementing usage-based billing on top of our existing billing system and didn't achieve the results we wanted. We wish we had known about NexMeter earlier.

Louis Albertini

Head of Product Marketing @Glide

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Thanks NexMeter for the customer budgeting feature and the ability to handle large throughput. That's exactly what we needed.

Jonathan Lee


Flexible pricing for agile teams

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